Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Life is full of irony as it is also full of surprises. Sometimes, it keeps us going and it makes us stop for a while and make another turn and point. Our relationship with other people have never been equal. There's always sorting out people whom we treat with special care, whom we share fun with, whom we don't actually like yet we still talk with, those whom we don't give a care of and of course those whom we treated our "frienemies", that is friends when around each other yet enemies on each others' back. This creates a cycle in our social relationship as people are bound to come and go. Only few will remain.

Our personality and upbringing perhaps could point to us to do to others what we don't want others do to us. People with good and bad behavior have had experienced this in so many, different ways you can imagine. It is pretty funny though how we could do such and people react in a way as if they don't also do it themselves. Others may have never realized it yet but at some point in our lives, with deep maturity and understanding of things and events around us, we could somehow think about things like this. Is life fair or unfair? I say it's ironic! WHY? well, why not? Life's lesson teaches us how to handle circumstances within our selves with other people. We are all terrible with our decisions in life. No one is perfect. People change and people come and go. Our relationships with other people sometimes are bound for a limit. We commit mistakes we never meant to do and we turn out things we never intended to. Our actions sometimes break our own relationships, memories, and person hood. What's sad is that some people tend to leave others behind without proper closure and leave them in the air. Victims oftentimes retaliate in violent ways and it just make things worse.

Forgiveness is hard to spare as trust is hard to gain back again. Hurt takes time to ease. If you are the victim, take your time to assimilate but don't take all of it. For the ones who caused the hurt, take your time to rethink but don't take all of it too. Waiting can also change our minds and it makes us forget too the things we should not. It leads something to be forgotten and obsolete. Relationships will fade and friendship will do so too.

Sometimes our selfishness wrap us in a way we never know. Can we be labeled bad persons for the things we never intended to happen? The beauty of life sometimes is seen in things like this which can never be fully understood. Also, we only realize things we have done to others when something the same happens to us. But fortunately, life gives us also countless chances to make wrong things right. Don't you think?

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