Thursday, July 16, 2015

Car Hire Bournemouth Airport - The Best Way To Travel UK

When flying into London, many travelers will want to employ the use of an automobile. The Exeter airport is only 5km from the city. One can also get quickly to other tourist hotspots in a matter of minutes.

To arrange a car hire Exeter Airport, has many separate options. The locations in driving distance are endless, and the smaller airport allows travelers to either find a hotel close to it, or use it as a hub to gain access to other area airports.

This airport has been in operation since May of 1937, and continues to expand as time goes by. The coming years will see the airport meet its maximum capacity, so the north side of the airfield will likely become the site of a new passenger terminal.

Another close-by airport, situated to the east of Exeter, is the Bournemouth Airport, that has recently seen an impressive increase in its number of passengers. They have also seen a huge increase in passengers, and in response added more wonderful destinations to its list of flight options that include Luxor, Egypt, Amsterdam twice a day, and the Bodrum Peninsula in Turkey.

Once travelers venture out from these airports, there is the option to use the Underground system, but it will limit their ability to get around at their individual pace. Much of the best sightseeing is done on the roadways, so hiring a car is truly a preferable way to travel throughout the area.

Some of the best things to do in London do not have to be expensive. The FREE admission museums are located all over London. Children and adults alike will truly enjoy the hands-on Science Museum and the neighboring Museum of Natural History. These offer learning experiences as well as REAL dinosaur bones on display.

The city of London is set to host the 2012 Olympic games, and likewise is creating many new sports facilities to the already numerous sites.

Tourists are able to hire a car for the weekend, or for a full week of their holiday at reasonable rates. For just a short ride over, the town of Windsor shows visitors several wonderful sights. Visitors with children will want to find LEGOLAND, which is a theme park based on those childhood staples - yes, LEGO’s. Then, of course, the picturesque Windsor Castle tour will offer picture opportunities of a lifetime.

All of London is as picturesque as Windsor as well. The London Eye will offer a birds-eye view of the city from the breathtaking height of 135 meters.

Whatever the destination within London, any of the five airports will offer great access. When planning the trip to London on limited time, travelers should determine the best arrival and departure airport for their particular itinerary. The areas in southern London are best accessed by the Bournemouth and Exeter Airports. Fortunately, as the number of passengers increase at both, efforts are being made to expand the terminals, add terminals, and offer more flights to more areas of the world. This will allow more travelers to use these airports as base stations, and destinations. Enjoy the city!

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