Thursday, July 16, 2015

Enjoy A Moroccan Getaway At Top Marrakech Hotels

If you are looking for a great vacation spot this summer or you just want to get away from all the pressures of work and enjoy a fun-filled and relaxing break, pack up your bags and fly straight to Morocco. Visit Marrakech, the country's second largest city, for a great Moroccan experience. This famed city is located at the west-central part of Morocco, near the Atlas Mountains. With a population of less than a million, Marrakech locals are very open and naturally warm at heart. You will also find the most breathtaking sights and attractions in this fascinating Middle Eastern city.

Of course, your exotic Moroccan escapade is not complete if you do not experience staying at one of the finest Marrakech hotels. See, there are quite a lot of Riads and hotels in Marrakech. To help you find a great hotel in Marrakech, the following is a list of the top five most popular places to stay in the city:

1. La Maison Arabe

The La Maison Arabe hotel in Marrakech is situated near the popular Bab Doukkala mosque. This Riad hotel Marrakech started out as a French restaurant way back in 1940 but is now one of the major luxury hotels in the city. Having a total of 17 rooms and suites, La Maison Arabe also offers two restaurants, pool, spa, and even a cooking school.

2. Kenzi Semiramis Marrakech Hotel

This grand accommodation establishment, which is located at Résidences Hivernage Avenue, is widely acclaimed to be among the superb Marrakech hotels in Morocco. In fact, the chain of Kenzi hotels ranges from four-stars to five-stars, with 1,564 rooms, including various amenities such as spa, restaurant, and bar. Kenzi Semiramis Marrakech hotel also caters to business and corporate services.

3. Sangho Club Privilege

Situated at Daoudiat, Marrakech, right at the palm plantation, Sangho Club Privilege has 312 rooms and 12 suites, all with separate bathrooms and toilets, air-conditioning, satellite television, a sofa bed, and a balcony or patio. It also offers a number of activities and centers so guests can have an enjoying stay while vacationing at Marrakech. These include Balneotherapy, sports and leisure services, three golf courses, night clubs, fitness center, pool, excursion packages, and five bar/restaurant establishments. All that and more are found at this grandiose Marrakech hotel.

4. Riad Kniza Hotel

The Riad Kniza Hotel is a small luxury accommodation that is built with traditional materials in a great Moroccan authenticity. Located at Bab Doukala, Marrakech, this hotel has seven rooms and suites that are circled around a courtyard with an open view of the sky. It is one of the few Riad hotels in Marrakech that offers city tours, excursions, restaurant bookings, hammams, massages, golf courses, entertainments, car rentals, airport transfers, baby-sitting, as well as free use of laptops with high speed Internet access.

5. Mansour Eddahbi Hotel

For travelers who love to experience great luxury and elegance in accommodation, the Mansour Eddahbi Hotel is an establishment that is worth checking out. The hotel's top amenities include cable TV, mini bar, Internet connection, hairdryers, safety deposit box, bars/restaurants, business center, fitness center, pool, sauna, beauty salon, spa, massage therapy, laundry service, and gift shop.

Now that you know the top five Marrakech hotels and their offered services, go and book a flight to Morocco and check out at least one of these superb accommodations to have a more exciting and fulfilling Moroccan getaway.

Rcon Franchesca Pascua is an in-house writer for the online media company Intelligraph Corporation. She enjoys traveling and exploring exotic and historic locales like Morroco. For more information on Marrakech hotels in Morocco, visit http://www.morocco-emotions.com is a good website for you to download and update HP Drivers.
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