Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Network Marketing - From Survival to Success - Secret #5

Network marketing is a career that involves constant contact with a lot of people. Every day you are coming across new people and introducing yourself and your company. You are also on the look out for new sales opportunities, and you are also constantly looking for people that you think may be a candidate to join your organization. As you go through your networking routines you collect a great deal of information, and one of the skills you need to develop is the skill of organizing all of the information you collect. The idea of organizing your network marketing information goes beyond keeping your schedule straight in a day planner, it is the art of cataloging the information you collect and then also being able to recall that information whenever you need it.

Technology affords us so many ways to catalog and store information that it is almost impossible to not have a way of keeping your important information with you at all times. However, sometimes it helps to do things the old fashioned way and then do a technology back up later. Always collect business cards when you have the chance, and then enter the contact information into your electronic storage device later when it is appropriate. This way you not only take the time to make the personal gesture of accepting someone’s business card, but you also have a back up in case your electronic storage device fails.

When you work in the field of network marketing your information is your life blood. Without your contact information you have no way of maintaining your network, and you do not have the information necessary to reach out and talk to people when you need to. That is why it is very important to back up your contact information as frequently as possible, and you may also want to keep back ups of your information at an off site location in case something were to happen to your office. In the world of network marketing you can have your computer crash and still do business, but if you lose your contacts then you are in big trouble.

New technology comes out on a regular basis, and as a professional that relies on technology for your livelihood you should never be hesitant to try new technology and find out how it can benefit you. If there is a new way to store all of your contact information but yet make it readily available to you, then you want to look into that technology and make it part of your arsenal of business tools.

Contact information is the only way to stay in touch with your network, and as a network marketing professional your network is vital to your business so you will want to make sure you keep organized records of all of your contacts. Make back ups of your information and then make back ups of your back ups just in case. Always actively be pursuing new technology that could help you better organize your data, and never shy away from being on the cutting edge of telecommunication technology either.

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