Friday, December 18, 2015

The Truth About Breast Augmentation Recovery

Women from every country have implant surgery for fuller, rounder breasts and deeper cleavage. Plastic surgeons specializing in the procedure can be found just about everywhere, and their individual pricing varies dramatically. Regardless of the final price tag or how famous your surgeon is, you will still have to experience the recovery process like everyone else.

Breast enhancement surgeries are the most popular plastic surgery category in the world. And the number one procedure within that category is breast augmentation.

While you probably know the most obvious benefit of implant surgery – larger, firmer breasts – have you thought about the recovery process? Most women are so happy with their new breasts that the pain and misery of their recovery is quickly forgotten. Recovery is not unbearable but that doesn't mean you should take the surgery lightly. When you consult with a board certified surgeon about having surgery, be sure to have him explain in detail exactly what the recovery process will entail for you. He or she will have very specific instructions that you must follow to the letter.

The recovery time will always vary between women. The complexity of the procedure will also vary between women. Another variable is each woman’s overall health and her immune system. Obviously, the better health a woman is in and the stronger her immune system, the faster her recovery will be with the least risk of complications.

The first few days after breast augmentation surgery will be the most uncomfortable, and that discomfort can last as long as a couple of weeks depending upon the size of the implants. The larger the implant, the longer the healing process, especially if you do not have a lot of breast tissue to support them (very petite women who opt for enormous implants will usually require the longest recovery time). The length of recovery also depends on where the surgeon placed the implants – above or below the muscle.

Typically, your surgeon will prescribe two medications for your recovery: an antibiotic and a painkiller. The antibiotic is the more important of the two because it will block the onset of infection. A post-surgery infection can be extremely dangerous. In rare cases, an infection can cause death. Obviously, the painkiller is to ease your pain and discomfort, and to make the recovery a little more bearable. Both medications are important to your recovery! You will need to take them exactly as your doctor prescribed.

Two additional keys to a successful healing process are often overlooked because they are so simple: plenty of rest and plenty of fluids. Both are equally important to a full and speedy recovery.

During surgery, your surgeon will stretch and pull your breast tissue; they will be badly bruised and swollen after surgery. The breast tissue will take several weeks (or possibly longer) to heal. Your stitches will generally dissolve within two weeks. The swelling will take much longer to disappear. Your final breast shape and size won’t be evident for many months to come. In fact, it could take up to a full year before your breasts settle into their permanent size!

An important recovery tool is the compression bra. Your surgeon will require that you wear it for at least several weeks after surgery. It will hold your implants in place until the breast tissue itself can support them.

Are you interested in learning more about the recovery process? If so, you should consult an expert in the field. You will need to find a board certified plastic surgeon that is local to your neck of the woods. Only a practicing surgeon can give you the most up-to-date information regarding breast augmentation and the recovery process.

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