Sunday, December 20, 2015

How Do You Use Your Sales Commissions?

What do you do once you have a big sales week, month or quarter? What do the other salespeople you function with do with their? Do you "reward" oneself? Do you "invest" in the future? As salespeople we're notoriously acknowledged for the amount of toys we purchase with our profits. Killer stereo techniques. Picture Cell Phones. Titanium Palm Pilots. Luxurious brand-new clothes. Expensive lunches. Partying with our neighbors. We state "I deserve this." I recognize that's what I used to state. Sales is hard. This gets all of our feelings riled up. Excitement. Fear. Anger. Juice. The thrill of the kill. Your feelings are intense plus extremely real. So you need to reward oneself. Rewarding oneself, is the way of feeling advantageous in the end you put oneself by to create the sales you did. It's a natural response to going by times of feeling worry, disappointment, plus pressure. Before we close another big deal we frequently feel worry. Fear which you won't close again. Fear which you've lost the edge. Fear which you'll get fired plus lose the job. And then when you do make the deal, WHAM! Excitement! Elation! Relief! It's time to play! This rollercoaster is a great deal of fun. But it moreover can be costly to the future. Sales provides a real chance for people everywhere to create big amounts income plus get out of the routine. The more you say "I deserve this" plus "reward" oneself with toys plus indulgences, the longer you be operating for someone else in sales. If you need to eventually get out of the routine, you've got to have a advantage system which will help you do it. Consumption rewards just bandage you up plus make you feel advantageous for a small while. Then you're back at the sales game again, looking for more sales plus the cycle starts over again: worry, disappointment, pressure, win, excitement, advantage. I recognize. I've been by this various times myself. I could remember 1 of my 1st big sales wins. I took my sales partner plus our wives out for a luxurious dinner at a restaurant which I was extremely amazed with. This felt amazing which day to dine effectively plus drink champagne. But the next day I was worrying about the next deal, with a some 100 dollars less inside account. I repeated this pattern of pain - win - advantage for several years before I realized what I was doing to myself. Then I changed my focus. I dedicated to the actual, plus set several bigger objectives for myself. I changed my advantage system. I today measure my benefits when it comes to how much closer I feel acquiring to complete financial health. Consumption is nice, plus my family but do live effectively. But I feel much happier concentrating found on the day which generating income is recommended plus no necessity of my daily existence. It's important to budget the profits intelligently. When you get a big commission check, take a substantial portion of it plus protect it. Build up the financial stockpile. Set greater objectives on your own. Goals like "I desire to create $200K this year" aren't enough. You need to be more certain. You will want to set objectives for what you'll do with this income (hint: complete financial health is among one of mine). What you will find when you develop the financial stockpile is the fact that the worry, disappointment plus pressure you go through decreases. And by setting bigger plus greater objectives, you will find it easier to develop the financial stockpile because you might have highly motivating objectives to help on program. After all, did you really get into sales to really so you might purchase the newest plus biggest cellphone each year? © 1999-2004 Shamus Brown, All Rights Reserved.

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