Thursday, February 25, 2016

Do You Find It Hard To Meet Women?

We are presented with many different opportunities to meet women every day.

Whether its at the night club, internet, grocery store, coffee shop, or whatever. The fact is, as we live our lives, we are presented with lots of opportunities.

Yet, how many of these opportunities do YOU take advantage of?

I'm willing to bet its not that many.

However if you seized just ONE of these opportunities 226blogmix a day, then over the course of one entire year, you'd meet 365 women.

Out of 365 women, don't you think that at least ONE of them would be worth keeping around?

So what's keeping us from doing so? Why do we allow such User32 Updateperusersystemparameters opportunities with women pass us by?

Most people would say its "fear of rejection" that's crippling us, but I don't agree with that.

The reality is we get rejected in our lives all the time. If we were truly afraid of rejection, we wouldn't be able to operate in every-day society.

I think what really happens is that we always tend to PUNISH ourselves when an interaction with a woman doesn't go the way we want it to.

Think about it...

How often have you punished yourself for saying the wrong thing, or saying nothing at all?

How many times have you made yourself feel horrible SEO - Follow and NoFollow over "blowing it" with a girl?

How often have you called yourself a "loser" or "stupid" when things don't go your way with a woman?

The truth is - we are always TOO HARD on ourselves when it Altiris Error 255 comes to meeting women.

We lay HUGE guilt trips on ourselves, and beat ourselves down mercilessly, just because our attempt at meeting a new woman Fleet Management System Drives Your Fleet Positively we Recovering From Missing Ntldr.exe Files In Windows Xp found attractive failed.

In the "real world," its no big deal. The girl moves on with her life, and you move on with yours.

But in your own mind, that self-punishment for failure can last far, far too long.

We make ourselves feel SO BAD, that our brain wants to avoid such punishment in the future by Ever Heard of a Volcanologist? (And Other Science Careers) KEEPING us from approach women!

This is where APPROACH ANXIETY comes from.

Experiencing that nervous feeling about approaching women is a self defense mechanism our brains implement to keep us from going through the pain we inflict on ourselves when something doesn't go The Amazing Versatility of Tack Trunks the way we want it to.

And it all stems from the BEATING we give ourselves.

You must learn to congratulate yourself for trying, rather than beating yourself Regsvr32.exe Ctasio.dll up for failing, if you want to Hoping To Create A Well Organised meet tons of beautiful, smart, fun, and amazing women.

You have to understand that if a woman doesn't go for what you have to offer, it's not a reflection of your self worth. Its Professional Detailing for the Do-it-Yourselfer simply a learning process.

The more you do it, the better you get at it!

And the less you beat yourself up over the times when meeting women don't go well, the easier it is to do.

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