Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Water-based Adhesives Business Opportunities Certain to Win an Extreme

Deterioration in the environment, environmental awareness and increasing health consciousness of today, it is important to protect the environment. Pushing environmental and green adhesive producers, users also desire the adhesive can be used on non-toxic harmless, the adhesive is bound to increasingly strict environmental protection requirements. Realistic response to environmental degradation and changes in market demand-oriented, Yi Xie itself has a certain capacity of research organizations and units all Qiye putting in a lot of manpower and material resources to a new environmentally friendly production technology development and manufacture of products; the number of qualified enterprises Bu also introduce a more positive attitude green production equipment or products, for the sake of environmental protection in Remove Windows 7 Xml the new round of competition to get a first account for business, certain to win.

At present, China has reached more than 1,500 adhesives manufacturer, more than 3000 kinds of varieties, has become the fastest growing chemical industry one of the key industries. Development so far, except in their adhesive performance improvements, more important still need to meet long-term development objectives, to develop green environmentally friendly products. Environmental, health and safety factors driven, is widely used in footwear, packaging, construction, automotive and other fields of polyurethane adhesives and other mastics, are beginning to solvent-free, water-based and reactive hot melt-type of environmentally friendly and direction of high-performance, gradually to replace the high VOC, a toxic category. But there are a number of solvent-based polyurethane adhesive is superior to the other categories, they still continue in some areas, but in the end can only be replaced only with the time that the see-saw.

In developed countries, almost all shoes with plastic polyurethane adhesives, sealants for building the main use of silicone adhesives and polyurethane adhesives, packaging, polyurethane adhesives used in all composite film, while also using adhesive tape and other special polyurethane adhesive. Polyurethane adhesives because of its excellent performance is considered the development potential of China's most kinds of plastic. Alcohol-based polyurethane adhesive in recent years developed ethanol as solvent polyurethane adhesive, although alcohol-based polyurethane adhesives with free isocyanate monomer free, reducing the production cost advantages such as environmental protection, but alcohol-based polyurethane Adhesives are not optimistic, because although alcohol-based polyurethane adhesive in environmental protection has taken a step, but strictly speaking, it is not Hard Drive Solution entirely environmentally friendly adhesives, because the organic solvent is ethanol. Only with the current reality of market conditions in China, coupled with the varieties are hard to find a replacement, so alcohol-based polyurethane adhesive in the short term will be used as a general industrial materials.

In recent years, China's fastest-growing demand for hot melt because they do not use organic solvents, and Easy Way To Fix Winsock Error Code 10061 Error rapid construction, bond effect, a very significant development prospects. In addition to traditional EVA hot melt, the market should also actively develop polyester, polyamide hot melt variety. At present, foreign companies in China producing low formaldehyde emission urea-formaldehyde glue, while supporting the establishment of large-scale wood processing plant.

Widely used in foreign countries, is called real environment-friendly solvent-free adhesive. Solvent-based adhesives without solvents means, to the atmosphere due to solvent evaporation, will not cause pollution and harm. Most epoxy, anaerobic adhesive, a cyanoacrylate adhesive, aerobic modified acrylic adhesives, solvent free polyurethane adhesive, light curing adhesives are considered solvent-free varieties. Solvent-free polyurethane adhesive for all types of plastic composite packaging, on the aluminum foil is also a good bonding effect, the contents of and resistance to high temperature cooking performance can also be solvent-based polyurethane adhesives with the same ester, and high peel strength.

Water-based adhesives with non-flammable, non toxic, non pollution, product adaptation and favored. Friends such as Zhengzhou, Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. producing good water-based adhesive paste box products, water-based laminating adhesive products such as the received by the market, sales have been good. However, the inadequacies of water-based adhesives are slow drying, poor water resistance, antifreeze is bad, cost and energy consumption in the next 10 years can not completely replace the ester solvent polyurethane adhesive. Therefore, in future production should be increased during the development of the solid part of the water-based adhesives to speed up the drying rate, using cross-linking method, increasing the drying speed and water resistance to extend its application scope and market share.

The next few years, China will vigorously develop high-tech research and development and high value-added, high-performance adhesive products adhesives, such as: water-based polyurethane adhesives, water-based chloroprene rubber adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive and high-performance and high quality products, VAE (vinyl acetate - ethylene) emulsion, EVA (ethylene - vinyl acetate) resin, SIS (styrene - isoprene - styrene) resin, etc., will also focus on developing more environmentally friendly, energy-saving adhesive to follow the market rules and laws of human existence.

The formation of adhesive industry has from the start, the rapid pace of development violently, the entire industry under the market continues to introduce new stringent tests thrive. Meanwhile, in their own development and improve the process, many related industries also contributed to the field of innovation and development, in the packaging industry, its performance is even more prominent role. I believe the future as technology advances in new technology and the continuous development of new products Chuangzao, adhesives and packaging Collaboration between industry, will become closer, Ji She Hui create more social benefits and economic value, driving play a more for the broad industry links, open up newer areas of refinement, improvement of living standards to people more fit real convenience.

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